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Window 10 CompatibleEnjoying multimedia content on your computer, such as movies, can be a pleasant way to spend your free time. However, sometimes you might encounter some difficulties, such as differences between the names of your video and subtitle files. If you find yourself in this situation, you can consider turning to third-party software, such as PSA Media & Subtitle Renamer, since it might save you significant amounts of time. Please note that this program requires .NET Framework to be installed on your computer so that it can run properly. No installation You do not need to install this application on your computer, as simply running the executable provides you with full access over its functions. However, you might need to grant it administrator rights in order to benefit from its capabilities entirely. It comes with an intuitive layout that organizes its functions in a neat manner, consequently proving itself to be highly accessible for several users, regardless of their PC skills. Synchronize file names PSA Media & Subtitle Renamer's purpose is to help you synchronize the file names of your video and subtitle files in a quick, convenient manner. Accomplishing that can be done easily, by importing both videos and subtitles into the application and clicking the dedicated button. After doing so, the application prompts you to select the synchronization direction, whether you want to rename your media files after your subtitles or the other way around. Batch processing features Additionally, you can use this application if you need to handle multiple items at the same time, since it integrates batch file processing capabilities. This feature can save you a lot of time and hassle, since you no longer need to manually process every item. To wrap it up, PSA Media & Subtitle Renamer is a lightweight, reliable utility that can help you synchronize the file names of your videos and subtitles in a quick.

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